“Parker Helps Rose Dispose of a Body” Official Poster and Trailer

Grey 18 Media’s latest production is a feature length film titled Parker Helps Rose Dispose of a Body. You can watch the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/154360931

For release info, production photos, and behind the scenes footage, check out #PHRDoaB on Instagram and Twitter

Starring: Michael Bell as Parker & Leslie Appleton as Rose

Written and Directed by Adam Hayman & Adrien Smart

Cinematography by Guochen Wang

Sound by Noel Anstey

Produced by Guochen Wang, Adam Hayman, Noel Anstey & Jian (Ocean) Wang

Edited by Adam Hayman and Adrien Smart

Poster designed by Alisa Romanova (@alisadraws) and typography by William Workman (williamworkman.com):



The Jeremy [Short Story]

Please hold.

Chopin’s Étude Opus 25 No. 1 chirps through the receiver, instructing me to stay calm through the graceful elevation of notes written by a pair of two-hundred-year-old hands. The music tells me that life on this end is meant to be graceful, when all I want to know is if life remains a possibility on the other. When the constable picks up, he tells me that Jeremy’s heart stopped two hours ago. Dead on arrival. I ask why I was on hold for the past hour if he was already dead.

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There’s a territory you’ll tread through as an artist these days.

And it’s there, you’ll come to a wonderful but terrifying realization.

It saves you from falling

But tackles you to the ground:

You’re either doing what you do for yourself

Or you’re doing it for fame;

Internet celebrity; likes.


Oh, likes.

The horrific, intangible measurement of minor acclaim.

The carrot on the stick.

At the end,

Once you’ve sifted through them all.

Every blue thumb,

Every name of every acquaintance you kind-of know,

Take a look at the most famous name nowadays.

The one you aspire to be, deep in your cerebrum.

It’s in the clothes that you wear,

The lines you delete,

The reps you rip into your limbs to imitate.

The shit you buy.

What you give away at the cost.

Do they care?

They had the same thought a while back,

And picked the wrong option.

Except for Shia-fucking-LaBoeuf

He got both.

If only I could be him.



I have an insatiable fetish for disappointment.

All I watch are

superhero movies.




I got out of bed drunk one night

And walked into the bathroom

To stare at myself in the


It was spattered with toothpaste and blackheads.


I wondered why the girl in the next room

Didn’t want to sleep with me.


Charming, funny, polite,

Raised by women,

Who taught me right




Then I saw it.


Deep in my pink eyes.

My cracked cheeks.

My protruding stubble.

My chipped teeth.

My hairline:

Crawling back like a scared pet.

My rough, feline tongue.

My breath:

A stale, pale-ale tang.


“You have never been particularly attractive.

Why would you be now?

After leaving in the heat of such egregious egoism?”

Then I went

Into the night,

And walked home.

Though home is what I’d just left.

Door ajar.


I came back half a clock later,

No shoes by the door.

A message leapt from my phone.

“Sorry about that.

That wasn’t me.”

The bathroom mirror says otherwise.



The No-Filter EP

Of the 30-some poems I’ve scribbled in the past year, these are the prepped, preened, and pristine 6 that I find myself most proud of. Thank you to anyone who has listened, watched, or followed my journey into the world of Spoken Word poetry.

“The No-Filter EP” is 20 minutes of spoken word poems that were recorded by my good friends Daniel Favell and Conor MacNaughton in Victoria, BC.


The Blasted Tree Exclusive

Today is a beautiful little landmark in my work as a writer. I was lucky enough to be interviewed by The Blasted Tree, a Montreal-based publication, about my spoken word poetry. If you follow the link, you can see their stuff. They’ve got an alternative vibe to them, and reach out to new and emerging writers.

An endless stream of thank you’s to Natalie Lauchlan for introducing me to The Blasted Tree. She’s a fearless (in every sense of the word) performance artist that is currently breaking ground all across Calgary, AB. Natalie’s work is visceral, unapologetic, and hauntingly personal as she performs what can only be referred to as “endurance performance art.” Check her out.

You can check out my interview with Kyle Flemmer at the Blasted Tree, and there you can watch an exclusive video I made for them called “White Knuckles/Red Tablecloth.”